Scholarship Information

Prospective Freshmen

All freshmen who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents and who are fully admitted prior to May 1 will be automatically evaluated for merit scholarships.  These awards may be funded through the institution (may be known as the President’s Scholarship) or from the Mines Foundation.  Your application for Admission serves as your application for scholarships, there is no separate scholarship application.  Merit scholarships do not require the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but need-based scholarships do require a FAFSA on file.  We recommend all incoming freshmen complete the FAFSA their first year.

Merit scholarships are determined by the highest composite test score (we do not superscore) and the student’s unweighted high school GPA.  The composite test score for the SAT is a combination of the Critical Reading and Math portions of the exam.

Any new official test score or updated official GPA received before March 1 will be considered for merit scholarships.  Test scores must be submitted electronically to Mines from the testing agency.  Official high school transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Office for an updated GPA.

Merit scholarships are designated for specifically for tuition and fees for up to 4 years of undergraduate education. Scholarship awards are based on residency classification; a change to residency will result in an adjustment to the award.  Scholarships require a student to pass a minimum of 24 credits each academic year (Fall plus Spring semesters) with a 2.500 or higher cumulative GPA.  

2019-2020 Colorado Resident Merit Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Unweighted GPA and ACT or SAT Merit Scholarship Award – Annual
You must meet the minimum GPA and test score (either ACT or SAT) to qualify
≥3.500   ≥34   ≥1490 $5,000†
≥3.750   29-33   1330-1480 $2,500‡
4.000   27-28   1260-1320 $2,500‡


  ‡  Students who meet this merit level and are determined to be Pell Grant eligible through the FAFSA will be considered a Colorado Scholar and receive a Colorado Scholar Scholarship that will cover the remaining cost of tuition and fees.  †  Students who meet this merit level and are determined to be Pell Grant eligible through the FAFSA will be considered a Colorado Scholar and receive a Colorado Scholar Scholarship that will cover the remaining cost of tuition and fees.  They will also receive an additional $5,000 for living expenses per year.


2019-2020 Non-Resident Merit Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Unweighted GPA and ACT or SAT Merit Scholarship Award – Annual
You must meet the minimum GPA and test score (either ACT or SAT) to qualify
≥3.250   ≥27   ≥1260 $9,000
≥3.500   ≥29   ≥1330 $12,000
≥3.750   ≥33   ≥1450 $14,000
4.000   ≥31   ≥1390 $14,000


 The E-Days Scholarship is administered by Student Activities and will require a separate application and essay. E-Days scholarships are for Colorado residents. The application becomes available in January.  A Mines Student Government committee selects recipients based on high school credentials, a competitive essay, and other information. The E-Days scholarship provides full resident-tuition for four years of undergraduate education (eight semesters). Students must pass a minimum of 24 credits each academic year (Fall plus Spring semesters) with a 2.500 or higher cumulative GPA.  Accepted students who are Colorado residents graduating from a Colorado high school may complete the application.  For more information, contact SAIL at (303) 273-3234.

The Harvey Scholarship Program is a competitive, invitation-only scholarship paying tuition and mandatory fees at Mines, and is renewable for eight semesters including a summer Field Session. Two additional grants are available to current Scholars through an application process to augment their education; the Travel Grant supports Scholars in having an international experience, while the Enrichment Grant is an open-ended fund that can be used for opportunities such as academic or professional conferences among many others.

The scholarship application is by invitation only.  To be considered for an invitation to apply for the Harvey Scholarship Program, a prospective student must:

  • be a new freshmen candidate for fall admission.
  • be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident .
  • submit a completed admission application before the priority deadline of November 1st.
  • submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • meet minimum GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, set annually by the Admissions Office.

The Harvey Scholarship application closes in mid-January, and the scholarship award offers are made in late March.  More details on the application process are included along with the invitation to apply. 

The Harvey Scholars Program is administered by the Admissions Office. Please send inquiries to Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have been awarded the Harvey Scholarship and have questions regarding the scholarship award.

The Path Ambassadors to High Success (PATHS) Scholarship is a relatively new scholarship program that offers an exciting opportunity for academically talented, low-income students in Colorado to study Computer Science (CS) at Mines. Colorado high school seniors and community college transfer students who are accepted for admission to Mines by January 1, express interest in a CS major, and meet the PATHS eligibility criteria can apply for one of 10 – 20 PATHS Scholarships to be awarded in amounts averaging $5,000 annually (maximum award of $10,000 annually in certain cases).  Awards are renewable each year for PATHS Scholars who maintain program standards.

In addition to providing financial assistance, PATHS empowers students through on-campus communities that provide a spectrum of activities, support services, career guidance, and university resources to encourage scholars through successful completion of their undergraduate CS degree. PATHS Scholars also become Mines Ambassadors to conduct K-12 outreach at Colorado schools. The PATHS Priority Application Deadline generally falls in mid-February with award offers distributed by late March. On a funds-available basis, later-admitted eligible students may apply by an Extended Application Deadline in late March.  Please visit the PATHS website for full details:

The Thorson First-Year Honors Program offers scholarships to roughly 10-15% of students admitted into the Program. The scholarship amounts vary from year to year, and they only apply to the freshman year. All applicants to the Thorson First-Year Honors Program are automatically considered for scholarships, but priority is given to applicants that submit their Thorson application by January 15th. Scholarship offers are made concurrent with admittance into the Thorson program. Visit for more information on the Thorson First-Year Honors Program. If you have any questions about these scholarships, please email

Boettcher Scholarship eligibility requirements can be found at Boettcher Foundation. For information regarding the Boettcher Scholarship Program at Mines, please send inquiries to

Mines does not participate in the WICHE-WUE undergraduate tuition exchange.

Prospective Transfer Students

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Scholarship
Transfer students, seeking their first degree, are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and are a member of Phi Theta Kappa are eligible for a renewable, maximum six semester scholarship. Students must maintain a 2.500 cumulative GPA and successfully complete 24 credit hours per academic year (fall plus spring semesters) to maintain eligibility. Students will be required to provide their original PTK membership certificate as proof of membership.

Scholarship Categories

Mines Merit Scholarships:
Freshman recipients are selected upon admission based on their high school unweighted grade point average and composite SAT or ACT scores. We rely heavily on private donors to maintain our academic scholarship program from year to year.  Because of this, the scholarship award may be named ‘President’s Scholarship’ or it may be named in honor of one of our donors. Both represent the original merit award offered based on the student’s admissions information. Students receiving a named scholarship will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor for their support.

Colorado Scholars:
New freshmen who are Colorado residents, recipients of the Mines Merit Scholarship and are determined through the FAFSA to be Pell Grant eligible will receive a scholarship to cover the remaining balance of tuition and fees for four years. Students are required to complete 24 credit hours (fall/spring combined), have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of the spring semester and remain Pell Grant eligible to retain the scholarship the following academic year.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

Transfer Scholarship:
Transfer students, seeking their first degree, who are a member of Phi Theta Kappa will be eligible for this scholarship.  Students will be required to provide their original PTK membership certificate as proof of membership.

Athletic scholarships are based on athletic ability. Contact the Athletics Department at (303) 273-3206 for further information on application procedures.

ROTC scholarships

Air Force ROTC scholarships pay tuition, a monthly stipend, and per semester book allowance. The amount of tuition paid is based on type of scholarship awarded.  Two, Three, and Four year scholarships may be awarded.  Applicants should submit their online application by December 1st for timely processing.

Army ROTC scholarships pay full tuition and mandatory fees, along with a monthly stipend and per semester book allowance.  Two, Three and Four year scholarships may be awarded. Applicants should submit their online application by December 1st for timely processing.  

Maintaining Your Scholarship

Renewable scholarships are evaluated in May at the end of the Spring term to determine if you have met the requirements to continue your scholarship for the next year.  Most scholarships, like the President’s Scholarship and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, require you to pass 24 credits per year (total between fall and spring semesters) with a cumulative GPA of 2.500 or higher; summer credits do not count toward scholarship renewal.  Some named scholarships may have different requirements.  For students graduating in Spring, you do not need to meet 24 credits between fall/spring because your scholarship will not be renewed due to graduation.  

If you take a semester away from Mines for special circumstances, you may ask to have your scholarship held.  Some examples of special circumstances are taking a study abroad semester, a cooperative education experience, a call to active duty, or participating in a religious mission.  

If your scholarship is terminated, you are allowed to appeal based on mitigating circumstances.  Scholarships cannot be earned by regaining satisfactory standing.  Contact Financial Aid to discuss your appeal options.  

Adjustments to Scholarships

Credits in a Semester Adjustments:
Full tuition scholarship awards for undergraduate students are based on enrollment in 15-19 credits.  If you take less than 15 credits, your scholarship will be adjusted to actual tuition charges.  Please notify financial aid as soon as your schedule is set so we can make the appropriate adjustments.  Financial Aid will review all enrolled credits at census and make any required changes.  If you received a refund of scholarship funds before we make the adjustment, you would owe Mines for the tuition difference.  

For renewable scholarships that pay toward tuition and fees like the President’s Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, you generally must be at least half-time (6 credits) for your scholarship to remain unchanged in that semester.  Your semester scholarship award cannot exceed your tuition/fee charges.  You are still required to pass 24 credits in the fall/spring with a cumulative GPA of 2.500 to renew your scholarship for the following year.  

Outside Scholarship Adjustment Policy:
Scholarships awarded upon admission will not be adjusted due to outside scholarships unless the outside scholarship is for tuition and fees or causes the total student award to exceed the student’s cost of attendance. Grants and other aid could be impacted by outside scholarships if the total of the student’s scholarships and grants exceed the total of tuition and fees, plus $1,000.

Additional Mines Scholarship Adjustment Policy:
If a student subsequently becomes eligible for another Mines scholarship, the student will receive the scholarship worth the highest dollar amount. Scholarship awards may impact other need-based awards. Please contact our office if you have additional questions.

Outside Scholarships

Per federal regulation, students who are awarded outside, private or community scholarships must notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. We can follow-up with the donor and be sure they have all the information they need to get the scholarship funds to us as soon as possible.

Report Your Scholarship

We are required to treat outside scholarships as an additional resource. If you have received need-based aid (grants, subsidized loan and/or work study) as part of your financial aid award, it may be reduced by your outside scholarship. Other aid may also be adjusted as necessary.

Disbursement of Funds

The Financial Aid Office will communicate with your donor on all reported scholarships to ensure payment is received.  Privately funded scholarships are processed for disbursement to the student’s account after the scholarship check has been received by the Financial Aid Office. Scholarship funds will be credited half to the fall and half to the spring unless otherwise designated by the donor. Scholarship checks should be made payable to Colorado School of Mines and mailed to the following address:

Financial Aid Office
1200 16th St
Golden, CO 80401

Scholarship checks made payable to both the student and the school require the student to endorse the check.  Emails are sent to the student’s Mines email upon receipt of the check.

All available scholarships will credit to the student’s account three business days prior to each semester.

Students can check Trailhead regarding the status of their outside scholarship: Trailhead → Financial Aid (from the left toolbar) → Awards (green section) → Select Aid Year (i.e., 2019-2020) → Resources/Additional Information.  Scholarships that have been paid will have “Paid” to the right of the title of the scholarship.  To see the official payment go to “Award Overview” which is the tab located to the left of “Resources/Additional Information.”

Search for Scholarships


  • Create a calendar: When you find a scholarship you want to apply for, but the deadline is too far out or has passed, put it on your calendar for when the application will open.
  • Treat scholarship searching and preparation as a part-time, year-round job.
  • Skip applications that ask for a fee or bank account information. Check here for information on Scholarship Scams and Services.
  • Consider community organizations, parents’ employers or other affiliations.
  • Search for things that make you unique: favorite brand of shoes, hobbies, activities, companies you want to work for, local organizations, professional organizations in your field, etc.
  • Don’t disqualify yourself!: If you meet most of the criteria, but not all, apply anyway.  If you are invited to apply for a scholarship, make it a priority.  Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Follow instructions, meet deadlines, and proofread your application.



For information on the Daniels Boundless Opportunity Scholarship contact the Multicultural Engineering Program Director.




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