Credit Requirements


Credit Requirements

Financial aid full-time for undergraduate student is 12 credits.  If you are taking less than 12 undergraduate credits, the tuition component of your cost of attendance will be reduced to three-quarter time (9-11.5 credits), half-time (6-8.5 credits), or less than half time (1-5.5 credits).  

Financial aid full-time for graduate students is 9 credits.  If you are taking less than 9 graduate credits, the tuition component of your cost of attendance will be reduced to three-quarter time (7-9 credits), half-time (4.5-6.5 credits), or less than half time (1-4.0 credits).  If you are on Reduced Registration, the tuition component will be reduced to actual tuition and fees.  

Financial aid locks aid at the enrollment on census.  While you may retain eligibility for your aid based on your enrollment status, the amount could adjust based on the limit of the cost of attendance.  You cannot have more aid from all sources than the total cost of attendance in a semester.  Example: you have grants, scholarships, and loans that equal your full-time cost of attendance.  You are now three-quarter time so your total cost of attendance has been adjusted down.  Even though you remain eligible for your loans, the amount of your loan must be reduced to the three-quarter time amount so as not to exceed your total cost of attendance.  

*Maximum Award is $5000, but actual award amounts will vary.
**Loans amounts are constrained by Cost of Attendance and federal need.
Federal Pell Grant12 + credits = 100%9 - 11.5 credit = 75%6 - 8.5 credits = 50%1 - 5.5 credits = 25%
Colorado Grant (Undergraduates)
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Mines Grant
Colorado Graduate Grant*7 - 9 credits = 100%4.5 - 6.5 credits = 50%0 - 4 credits = 0%
Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (Undergrad)**6+ credits = 100%0 - 5.5 credits = 0%
Federal Unsubsidized Loan (Grads)**4.5+ credits = 100%0 - 4 credits = 0%Reduced Registration = 100%
Federal Graduate PLUS Loan**4.5+ credits = 100%0 - 4 credits = 0%Reduced Registration = 100%
Federal Parent PLUS Loan**6+ credits = 100%0 - 5.5 credits = 0%
President's Merit Scholarship6+ credits = 100%0 - 5.5 credits = talk to your counselor
Repeating Courses

In certain instances undergraduate students may wish to repeat a course previously passed (A, B, C, D or PRG) to gain additional knowledge or improve a previous performance.  A student who wishes to repeat a previously passed course more than once should be aware of the following federal guidelines:

  • Federal aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Student Loan, Direct Parent PLUS Loan, Federal Work Study and Perkins Loan) may only pay for repeating a previously passed course one time.
  • Courses that have been declared ‘repeatable’ by the Registrar’s Office will be exempt from the rule.  Complete list of repeatable courses.
  • A student who is not in at least 12 new fundable hours along with the repeated course(s) will have their budget and federal aid adjusted to match the fundable hours.  12 credit hours is considered full-time for financial aid purposes.
  • Repeatable hours will count during satisfactory academic progress evaluation at the end of each semester.  Please go access  Keeping your Financial Aid for more information.

Repeated courses that were previously not passed are always fundable hours.

Undergraduates taking Graduate courses
Graduates taking Undergraduate Courses
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