Financial Aid Outside Resources Form

Please list all community and/or private resources (such as scholarships, grants and employee benefits) that have been awarded to you and are intended to be used for educational purposes.  As of Fall 2020, Mines will no longer send official transcripts on your behalf to scholarship donors.  If your donor requires a transcript, please follow the instructions on the Registrar’s Office page.  If your donor requires enrollment verification from the Financial Aid Office to send your funds, please complete this form to provide permission for our office to release your information.   Email the form to before the start of the the academic year or term you are to receive the scholarship funds.

**Please wait until after May 1, 2022 to report scholarships for 2022-2023.**

Please DO NOT list any prepaid tuition or savings plans.  Those payments will go directly through the Cashier’s Office.

All scholarships must be reported to the Financial Aid Office even if the donor pays the check directly to you.  If an organization makes the check payable to you (the student) only, please note it was paid to you in the comment box so we know not to expect the payment.  You can deposit that check in your personal bank account to use toward your educational expenses as needed.

Checks can be mailed to the Financial Aid Office or left in the drop box outside of the Financial Office in the Student Center.  Please ensure all checks include your CWID and are endorsed if made payable to you and to Mines.

Mailing address:
Colorado School of Mines
Financial Aid Office
1301 19th Street
Golden, CO 80401

Email with questions.  Forms that need to be completed for outside scholarships can be sent to

Student Information


Donor Information

If the donor is a scholarship servicing company such as Scholarship America, please list that company name in the Organization field below.

Scholarship Information

(e.g., Booster Club)
If unknown, please wait until you have the amount to report. Mines policy is to split the amount equally between the fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise instructed by the donor.
Is this scholarship a renewable?*
Select 'Yes' if you will receive the scholarship for more than one academic year. Note in the comments if it is less than 4 years.
If this is a renewable scholarship, do you need to re-apply?*
Does the donor require an invoice?*
Select 'Yes' if your donor requires Mines to send a bill to receive payment for the scholarship. Invoices will be mailed or emailed in August (fall semester) and December (spring semester). This includes unofficial enrollment verification. Official enrollment verification is done through the Registrar's Office. If you select 'Yes', you must provide either an email address or complete mailing address. You will also need to complete the Donor Release Form
Does the donor require an itemized bill?*
Select 'Yes' if the donor requires a copy of your billing statement from Mines. This is a statement of all your charges (tuition and fees, housing if applicable) and may include your financial aid awards, depending on the timing. Bills will be mailed or emailed in August (fall semester) and December (spring semester). If you select 'Yes', you must provide either an email address or complete mailing address.
For enrollment verification, please visit the Registrar's Office website at
Click 'Submit' to send this information to the Financial Aid Office. To submit information about another scholarship, return to this form and refresh the page.