How Aid Works

Applying For Aid

At Mines, we award financial aid based on merit and financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Steps For Applying For Aid

How Need Based Aid Is Determined

Have questions about you award?  How does your EFC impact your financial aid?  

Learn More About How Aid Gets Determined

Accepting and Receiving Aid

What happens after you have been offered financial aid?  How does financial aid pay your bill?

How to Accept and Receive Aid

Keeping Your Aid

What are the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards you must meet to keep your financial aid and scholarships?

How to Keep Your Financial Aid

Credit Requirements To Receive Aid

Different types of financial aid have different minimum credit requirements.  Taking undergraduate versus graduate classes can affect your eligibility.  Repeating classes can change your eligibility.  Know how your enrollment can impact your aid.  

Learn More About Credit Requirements

Rights And Responsibilities

As a student loan borrower, you have federal rights and responsibilities.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Info

Study Abroad or Co-op Semester

Study abroad or cooperative education programs are an exciting opportunity for out students.  Find out how your financial aid will react before you go!

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Learn More About Cooperative Education Programs


Withdrawing from Mines

If you are leaving Mines for any reason it can impact your financial aid for this term or future terms.  Whether you are leaving for a semester or for good, you’ll want to understand how that decision can affect your financial aid.

Learn More About Withdrawing