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Students may take a limited number of credits at an approved school while attending Mines.  Using credits from one of these approved schools toward your Mines Financial Aid is called a Consortium Agreement. Consortium Agreements allow credits from approved schools to count toward enrollment status for financial aid received at Mines.  Mines does not send financial aid to other schools to pay tuition, but you may use any credit balance created from your Mines financial aid to pay the other institution.  Students in 12 or more credits at Mines do not need a Consortium Agreement as they are already considered full-time at Mines.

Eligibility:  You must be enrolled at Mines for the majority of your credits each semester, no less than half time (6 credits).  If you are enrolled in 12 credits at Mines, you do not need a Consortium Agreement as you are already considered full-time at Mines.

Approved Institutions:  Mines engages in Consortium Agreements with four local schools:
Red Rocks Community College
Front Range Community College
Arapahoe Community College
Community College of Aurora

How to apply:  Complete the top half of the Consortium Agreement (linked below) and give to the Financial Aid Office at the community college you will be attending.  You must be enrolled in the credits at that school for them to complete the form.  We must receive the completed form (with financial aid information) prior to census of the term you are attending.  Most schools will send the completed form directly to our office. Due dates are listed on the form.

Impact to Aid:  Consortium agreements impact your Financial Aid Cost of Attendance.  Normally when you are less than full-time, we reduce the tuition component to your actual tuition charges between the two schools.  This constrains the amount of need based aid and/or living expense loans you are eligible to receive.  By completing a consortium agreement when you are less than full-time at Mines, we will use the tuition amount being charged at the other school toward your Cost of Attendance.  If you are not using need-based financial aid (grants, work study, subsidized loans) or using financial aid for living expenses (i.e private or PLUS loans that are refunded to you each term to pay rent, etc.) you may not need a consortium as it may not impact your financial aid.

Financial Aid Review:  We evaluate every consortium agreement individually.  If you are unsure if a consortium would be necessary or helpful for your situation and you meet the requirements above, please contact our office to discuss.


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