Proxy Access

Proxy Access

Mines Students may provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses/friends as desired by going online to under the “Banner General Self Service” tile. If you have proxy access, you can login to Proxy Trailhead; you will not have access to 

Students can choose which areas their proxies have access to. For example, to view student account information, financial aid requirements, academic grades, schedule, etc. By setting up proxy access, the student permits their proxy to view such information online, as well as have their proxy able to have discussions about the information with University staff members.

Please note, proxy access does not include access to the student’s official tuition statements, 1098-T tax forms, or the portal to enroll in payment plans or pay tuition. These features are available in Transact’s Authorized User Portal and require separate log-in credentials. Please visit the Office of the Bursar’s website for more information.

I already have Proxy Access. What is the link to login to my Proxy Account?
What do I do if I forgot my Password?

A new password can be reset by your student. Your student will need to login to trailhead and reset your password for you.   

Once your student logs into trailhead, they select “Banner General Self-Service” from the Basic Access Tiles. 

They will then be taken to the general self-service page and they can click on the proxy management icon. 

Once they are in the proxy management page, they’ll select the pencil icon as under your name to edit the account. 

They then can select the reset password icon and an email will be sent to the proxy email address you used to create the account.  Once you receive the temporary password you can use it to login at the URL below: 

When I choose my student's tab, why are there no pages listed?

The student has not granted you authorization to view their online record. They can view the instructions at student instructions to grant authorizations for your account. 

How do I activate my account?

You should have received three emails when the proxy account was set up by your student.   

  • The first email provides an initial password for your initial login. Subject: New proxy confirmation
  • The second email provides instructions and a one-time link needed to set up your access. Subject: New proxy Identity  
  • The third email provides the login link to access the student’s information once you establish your account. Subject: New proxy relationship 

If you did receive the emails and you have not activated your account, the URL’s are only valid for 24 hours.  Your student can re-send the emails so you can activate your account.  

Once they log into trailhead, select the general self-services tile at They will then select Proxy Management, then the pencil icon under your name.  They will then go to the communication tab and resend the three emails to you.

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