Congratulations and Welcome to Mines

As an accepted student you will be able to set up your Mines account about a week after you get your admission letter.  Your Mines account gives you access to Trailhead. The financial aid tab in Trailhead will appear about an hour after you create your Trailhead account.  Activating your account does not commit you to attending Mines.

During account set up you will choose your official Mines username and set a password. Write these down!  If you attend Mines, your email will begin with the username you choose now.  Please choose wisely!

Important Financial Aid Information

Details about scholarships, types of aid, and cost for freshmen and transfer students

Accepted Student Information

Next steps, residence life, and campus events

Claim Mines Account

Visit for information on ITS, Trailhead, and security

Login to Trailhead

Once you have activated your Mines account, you can login to Trailhead to view your financial aid awards.