Boettcher Scholars

In addition to a rigorous academic program, Mines Boettcher Scholars are involved in a variety of organizations, such as the McBride Honors Program, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Minority Engineering Program, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Campus Crusade for Christ, and NCAA Division II athletics.


Current Boettcher Scholars

Sydney Marchando
Chemical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Hiking, softball, community service, reading, traveling

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be an engineer, but I have always loved math and science courses. When I first visited campus my junior year and talked to other students, I knew that Mines would become my new home. With challenging classes, countless clubs and organizations to match my interests, and a student body with hard-working and committed students, it was a perfect fit. It has also been my dream to play college softball since I started in the sport, and Mines provided the perfect opportunity to pursue my dream at an academically rigorous school.

Armando Ocampo Computer Science Freshman Interests and Activities: Soccer, Skiing, Camping, Dancing and Piano Colorado School of Mines has created an incredible environment where rigorous academics and a friendly social construct truly come together to foster growth and change within its community. As a native Coloradan and a younger brother of a current Mines student, I am proud to have such an incredible opportunity to attend a university of this calibre and so close to home. Though the high academics and rigorous coursework that come with engineering in general can sometimes feel overwhelming, I am simply happy to be in an environment where everyone is in the same boat, struggling just as much, and working just as hard reach their goals as I am.

Casey Turner
Mechanical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Skiing, hiking, hunting, lifting and anything that pushes my abilities!

Mechanical Engineering

Interests and Activities: International Travel, Running, Hiking, Reading, Robotics

When I was a junior in high school, I visited the Mines campus for a WISE event because of my love for math and science. During subsequent visits, my interest in Mines grew. I fell in love with the campus environment: students were working hard but looked like they were still having fun and enjoying Golden’s prime location. While Mines is definitely the challenge I was looking for, I have come to love the school, the professors as well as the community that the campus has.

DANIEL RENKERT Computer Science Junior Interests and Activities: Skiing, Soccer, Fishing, Dungeons & Dragons, Chess, Acting, Singing, Video games and Reading Initially, I was split between three very good schools. My first visit to Mines sold me entirely. The students were friendly, the staff was incredibly helpful and the professors were not afraid to crack a joke. The Mines alumni I have met are all well spoken, well educated and brilliant individuals. I think the academic rigor will be a perfect way to continue to challenge myself. I am looking forward to my time at Mines.



Mechanical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Volunteering at the Golden Library; Reading; Tennis; Marksmanship; Crafting

Since my first Science Olympiad competition in sixth grade, it had been my dream to study engineering at Mines. I fell in love with the people, the mountains, and the amazing opportunities to challenge myself academically. I’m so lucky to be building relationships and learning everything that will lead me to an amazing future at the school of my dreams.

Chemical Engineering

Interests and Activities:Running, Flute, Singing, Reading, Soccer, and Chess

I chose Mines because I’ve always appreciated a good challenge, and knew I could find that here. After spending time on campus and meeting the hard-working students that pursue their dreams at Mines, I knew that I had found a place that felt like home and that no other school would fit me as well as Mines did.


Chemical Engineering

Interests and Activities: International travel, hiking, rock climbing, volunteering with children

For the past three years, Mines has provided a challenging academic environment and lots of extracurricular activity opportunities. I have had the opportunity to conduct undergraduate blood research in a lab, work as a process engineering intern at a petroleum refinery, and participate in two summer programs in Germany. The idyllic town of Golden, with Clear Creek, plenty of hiking trails, and close proximity to Denver, is also a plus for the university. Overall, CSM is an excellent engineering community and the faculty, staff, and students are all wonderful.

Mechanical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Running, Public Speaking and Debating, Robotics, Automation, Writing and Reading

I ended up choosing Mines not only because of the intense academic rigor of the programs but also because of the dedicated and hardworking students that I have met on campus tours.  I know I will be surrounded by their drive and talent.  The preparedness Mines gives its students for future professional success also engaged me, such as the plethora of research opportunities in any given field, as well as those provided by the career fairs.


Chemical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Flute, Music, Tennis, Robotics, Cooking, Photography

After walking around the campus and meeting some fo the professors and students I felt like Mines embodied everything that I believe, and could envision myself living there for the next several years.  I have also never been one to shy away from a challenge.  Academically, Mines offers that as well as a wealth of opportunities that will let me achieve what I could only dream of.

Mechanical Engineering

Interests and Activities: Hunting, Hiking, Camping, Football, Running, Bee Keeping, Wrestling

As I was browsing my multitude of college choices, Colorado School of Mines stood out to me because of my passion for building and creating.  Even from a young age, I have been building tree houses, boats, and many other projects.  I believe Mines is where I can develop my passion into a real career.

Recent Boettcher Scholar Alumni

Mining Engineering
Post Degree: Private Industry
Interests and Activities: Hiking, Fishing, Biking, Shooting Sports, Reading, Math, and Philosophy

I chose to attend Mines due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, its unparalleled academics and its high degree of focus.  Ever since I can remember I have had an interest in science and engineering; from drawing plans for inventions as a child, to building a chemistry lab in the garage as a teenager.  I confidently feel like Mines is the next step in my pursuit of empirical knowledge.  I hope to someday live and work in rural Colorado, but not without experiencing the world first.  By offering valuable first-class degrees through a more experiential learning process both on campus and abroad, Mines provides me with the tools and network to help me accomplish both goals.


Post Industry: Rule Engineering – Private Industry
Geological Engineering
Interests and Activities: Geographic information systems, geology, international development and social justice; hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, fishing, backpacking and slacklining

I came to this school with a love for math and science and a desire to escape outdoors. I’m happy to say that CSM has done nothing but intensify these passions. Through involvement in the geological engineering program and the campus slackline club I have been given endless opportunities to explore the world, and critically question what can make the world a better place. This school has prepared me to push myself to new limits with the help of newly made friends and an incredibly versed staff. If you love to learn, Mines is the place for you.


Post Degree: Software Engineer – Private Industry
Computer Science
Interests and Activities: Listening to Music and Basketball

I came to Mines to fulfill a childhood dream. One year in junior high I followed my older sister to a Knowledge Bowl that was held on the Mines campus and fell in love with the atmosphere and promise of being challenged.  After that, my priority was to attend Mines.


Post Degree: Master’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering – Colorado School of Mines
Engineering Physics/McBride Honors in Public Affairs
Interests and Activities: Running, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Reading, Hackysack

I came to Mines because I knew I wanted to be an engineer, and I was enticed by the school’s reputation for guiding many of the best and brightest engineers to successful careers.  I enjoy the challenges that Mines offers to its students, the small class sizes along with the resulting close community of students, and the school’s location in Golden.  Golden allows a healthy balance between theater, clubbing, hiking and snowboarding.


Post Degree: PhD – Physics – Colorado School of Mines 
BS-Physics and MS-Metallurgy
Interests and Activities: Hockey, Soccer, Trail Running, 4×4’ing, Hiking, Video Games, Rock Climbing, Swimming

I desired an academically intensive environment, one where I would constantly be challenged by my classes and my professors.  This is the key reason I came to Mines.  The job placement, small campus and class sizes, quality of instructors and location are great, too.


Post Degree: Master’s Degree-Clinical Anatomy-Creighton University 
Biochemical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Mines Basketball Team Member, Snowboarding, Cooking, Music (Drums and Piano)

I was drawn to Mines because of my interest in math and science, as well as the outstanding reputation Mines has in these areas of study.  Although Mines has pushed me academically, I have learned to enjoy the challenge that a Mines education offers and appreciate the small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and student interaction that makes my time at Mines truly unique.


Post Degree: Master’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering – Colorado School of Mines 
Mechanical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Mines Football Team, Sports, Woodworking and Working on Cars

The multiple engineering disciplines and possible opportunities in each field attracted me to Mines. I have enjoyed being a part of the Mechanical Engineering department and the varsity football team.  The town and area surrounding Golden, as well as the atmosphere provided by the faculty and student population, set the School of Mines apart.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Poetry, Flute, Badminton, Chess, Disc Golf, Cooking, Rubik’s Cube, Reading

In choosing a university location was important.  Mines is ideal, not only is the expansive freedom of Colorado accessible for the occasional hike, bike ride or camping trip; but so, too, is the bustling city experience offered by Denver. The school’s resources are extraordinary considering its relatively small size, and its renown job placement program lends the school an edge over its fellows in Colorado.  While I’ve always loved math and the sciences, my talents are more based in the humanities.  Attending Mines will give me the opportunity to sharpen my skills in the sciences under incredible professors while turning my interest in the humanities into a hobby.  It will most certainly be a challenge, and that excites me all the more.


Post Degree: Process Engineer – Private Industry
Chemical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Running, Playing Guitar, Mines Triathlon Club, Writer for The Oredigger, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Exploring Denver

I chose to study at Mines because it is such an elite school in the field of engineering, and at this stage of my life I hope to become an engineer.  Golden is also a gorgeous city that is not too far from home, but far enough to branch out of the tiny town I grew up in.


Post Degree: Master’s Degree – University of Texas, Austin/Engineer – Private Industry
Petroleum Engineering &Geological Engineering and Public Policy

Interests and Activities: Golfing, Running, Basketball, Baseball, Skiing, Traveling, Art and Cars

I am very passionate about joining the energy industry, and Mines is a great gateway to help me achieve that goal.  Mines provides a challenging academic environment that I thoroughly enjoy, along with all of the extracurricular activities and opportunities to be outdoors that Mines and Golden offer.


Post Degree: PhD – Chemical Engineering – Purdue University
Chemical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Video Games, Reading, Ultimate Frisbee, Watching Football, Baseball and Hockey 

Mines is an incredible school.  The classes are challenging, but manageable and quite enjoyable.  Personally, I really enjoy the social side of Mines.  There are all sorts of clubs and activities that keep me busy, from the CSM band to intramural sports to Energy Club to Board Games Club.  There are just so many people like me here.  Mines was definitely the right choice for me



Post Degree: Software Electronics Engineer – Private Industry
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Robotics, Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, Web/Graphic Design, Music, R/C Airplanes

I decided to come to Mines because of its awesome location for hiking and skiing; its excellent, all-around engineering program; and the incredible connections that help to give Mines one of the best job placement percentages in the nation.  It seemed like a perfect school to get involved with fascinating research projects and competitions while still being able to do the Colorado activities that I love.



Post Degree: Master’s Degree – Engineering Technology and Management – Colorado School of Mines 
Mechanical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Mines Men’s Soccer, Rotaract, Snowboarding and time with friends and family

I chose to attend Mines for three reasons: 1. I like to fix “things”, which is what engineers do, so Mines was a perfect fit; 2. The soccer program is outstanding; 3. The success of those who graduate from Mines.  I hope that Mines will be a place I can foster and grow, not only as a student but as a human being.


Post Degree: Mining Engineer – Private Industry
Mining Engineering
Interests and Activities: Spending time in the mountains, learning new and interesting fact about the world

I chose to come to Mines for the academic qualities that the school is so well known for.  As a kid, I was always interested in engineering and knew that I would like to pursue a career in it someday.  As I began exploring my college options Mines stuck out as the premier school for mining engineering.  The town offers the healthy blend between the city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains that I love so much.


Post Degree: Systems Engineer – Private Industry
Environmental Engineering
Interests and Activities: Traveling, Cooking, Dance, Reading

I felt at home the first time I visited the Mines campus and experienced the close-knit campus community surrounded by the small town charm of the city of Golden.  The Mines reputation for academic rigor and challenging curriculum drew me in.  The focused atmosphere and dedication of the students won my heart.  I knew immediately that Mines would be a perfect fit for me.


Post Degree: Mechanical Engineer – Intern
Interests and Activities: Skiing, Mountain and Road Biking, Soccer, Running, Camping

I chose to attend Mines because I have always heard great things about it.  After visiting I had the realization that it was a perfect fit for me; especially in helping me fulfill my desire of becoming an engineer.

Post Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Interests and Activities: Soccer, Ski Racing, Tennis, Reading

I chose to attend Mines because I feel it has everything I could ever need and want.  The school is located in a great town surrounded by mountains and just a short drive from some of the best ski areas in the nation.  These surroundings will allow me to get a great education while having innumerable opportunities to get out into the beauty of Colorado.  Also, the level of academics at Mines is unparalleled.  It is a great institution that will prepare me to succeed in the workforce.  The size of Mines provides a focused, inclusive environment that will help create success and the opportunity for lasting friendships.