Prospective Freshman

All prospective first year students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents and are fully admitted prior to May 1 will be automatically evaluated for merit awards based on the admission application.  Admission awards do not require the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but there are need-based scholarships which do require a FAFSA on file.  We recommend all incoming students complete the FAFSA the first year.

Admission awards are determined by many factors including, but not limited to, the highest composite test score (we do superscore) and the unweighted high school GPA.  The composite test score for the SAT is a combination of the Critical Reading and Math portions of the exam.  Our Office of Admissions is aware that testing has been impacted by COVID.  

Any new official test score or updated official GPA received before March 1 will be considered.  Test scores must be submitted electronically to Mines from the testing agency.  Official high school transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Office for an updated GPA.

Admission awards are designated specifically for tuition and fees for up to 4 years of undergraduate education and are based on residency classification; a change to residency will result in an adjustment to the amount.  These awards are made possible through generous donations to our Mines Foundation.  The Provost Award and President’s Merit Scholarship may be funded by a named Foundation Award.

The Provost Award is based on your admission application.  This award is renewable for 8 semesters (4 years) of undergraduate coursework and is to be used toward tuition and fees.  A FAFSA is not required to renew the Provost Award.  Students must pass a minimum of 75% of their attempted credits while maintaining a 2.000 cumulative GPA to keep the award.  Provost Award annual amounts are typically $1,000 for Colorado Residents and $10,000 or $11,000 for non-residents.

The President’s Merit Scholarship is based on your admission application.  This scholarship is renewable for 8 semesters (4 years) of undergraduate coursework and is to be used toward tuition and fees.  A FAFSA is not required to renew the President’s Merit Scholarship.  Students must pass a minimum of 24 credits each academic year (fall plus spring semesters) while maintaining a minimum 2.500 cumulative GPA to keep the scholarship.  Colorado resident scholarship annual amounts range from $2,500 to $5,000; non-resident annual amounts range between $12,000 and $14,000.

The Colorado Scholars Program is a full-tuition scholarship for Colorado residents who are awarded a President’s Merit Scholarship based on the admission application and a Pell Grant based on the FAFSA.  This scholarship is renewable for 8 semesters of undergraduate coursework and pays tuition and fees.  A FAFSA is required to renew this scholarship.  Students must pass a minimum of 24 credits each academic year (fall plus spring semesters) while maintaining a minimum 2.500 cumulative GPA to keep the scholarship.

RaiseMe Micro-Scholarship Program is a nationwide platform which provides micro-scholarships for high school students. Beginning in 9th grade, students can start earning scholarships for specific academic achievements. Earn an A in a core course? That is $30 per A! Earn $5 for every hour of community service (minimum 20 hours), up to $250! You can even earn scholarships for visiting our campus, meeting with us at a college fair, taking a virtual tour and more! Continue to earn for academic achievements, work experience, test scores, extracurriculars as well as connecting with Colorado School of Mines. The scholarships earned are stackable and applied directly to your financial aid package. It all starts with creating your RaiseMe account.

General Scholarship Application

All prospective students will be invited to complete the General Scholarship Application. This application is not required to be evaluated for the Provost Award or President’s Scholarship. Accepted students will be notified by email when the application is available, usually in December. The priority date for completion will be March 1st . Review of applications will begin at that time. Along with foundation scholarships, you may also apply for the following scholarships through the General Scholarship Application.

E-Days Scholarship The E-Days Scholarships are for Colorado residents and consist of three tuition scholarships. A Mines Student Government committee selects the recipients based on high school credentials, a competitive essay, and other information from the General Scholarship Application. The E-Days scholarship provides full resident-tuition for four years of undergraduate education (eight semesters. Students must pass a minimum of 24 credits each academic year (Fall plus Spring semesters) with a 2.500 or higher cumulative GPA. Accepted students who are Colorado residents graduating from a Colorado high school will be eligible to apply. For more information, contact SAIL at (303) 273-3234.

Harvey Scholarship Program The Harvey Scholarship Program is a competitive scholarship paying tuition and mandatory fees at Mines, and is renewable for eight semesters including a summer Field Session. Applications are accepted through the General Scholarship Application portal.

Two additional grants are available to current Scholars through an application process to augment their education; the Travel Grant supports Scholars in having an international experience, while the Enrichment Grant is an open-ended fund that can be used for opportunities such as academic or professional conferences among many others.

To be considered for the Harvey Scholarship Program, a prospective student must:
• be a new freshmen candidate for fall admission.
• be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident.
• submit a completed admission application.
• submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
• have a record of academic excellence, displayed by meeting high standards of the overall admissions process.

The Harvey Scholarship application closes February 1st and scholarship offers are made in late March. More details on the application process can be found through the General Scholarship Application portal.

The Harvey Scholars Program is administered by the Admissions Office. Please send inquiries to Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you are a Harvey Scholarship recipient and have questions regarding the scholarship award.

Grewcock Presidential Scholars Program The Grewcock Presidential Scholarship Program educates the next generation of thoughtful industry and civic leaders. This competitive scholarship emphasizes intensive leadership development, multidisciplinary learning, and professional growth. The Grewcock Presidential Scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees at the Colorado School of Mines, renewable for eight semesters. The Scholarship also funds extracurricular learning experiences and leadership-focused programming.

The Scholarship is open to all first-year candidates for Fall admission, as well as current students that have completed two semesters at Mines. To be considered for the Grewcock Presidential Scholarship, prospective students must complete an application. A select group of final candidates will then be invited to interview. No more than ten students will ultimately be selected for the Grewcock Scholarship.

Applications are accepted through the general scholarship application portal.  The scholarship application closes February 1st with offers made in mid-March.

Please send questions to, or visit the ‘Contact Us’ page on the Grewcock website.

Starzer Service Scholarship Program Established in 2012, the Starzer Scholarship has directly supported students for nearly one decade. Starting Fall 2021, the Starzer Service Scholarship will support a community of scholars defined by focused programming, community building, and an array of support services. Founded by Mike and Patty Starzer, both Colorado School of Mines alumni, the Starzer Service Scholarship attracts and cultivates humble, mission-driven servant leaders.  Recipients belong to a close-knit campus community focused on humility, meaningful service, and mission impact. Community programming includes learning sessions with nonprofit leaders, skill-building workshops on communication and fundraising, and service opportunities.

Starzer Service Scholars receive financial awards ranging from $5,000 – $10,000 per academic year at the Colorado School of Mines. Preference is given to graduating high school students from the state of Colorado, but out of state and International students will be considered and are encouraged to apply. Compelling scholarship candidates demonstrate a commitment to community service, outreach, or mission-based work.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, Scholars must maintain a 2.85 cumulative GPA as well as complete a meaningful service project with a local nonprofit or philanthropic organization. Scholars are further expected to actively participate in community programming and model humility, compassion, and care for others on campus.

Applications are accepted through the general scholarship application portal.  The scholarship application closes March 15th with offers made in late April.

Please send questions to Meg Allyn at

Path Ambassadors to High Success The PATHS is a  scholarship program with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that offers an exciting opportunity for academically talented, low-income students in Colorado to study Computer Science (CS) at the Colorado School of Mines (Mines). PATHS creates new and strengthens existing pathways for economically challenged, high-potential CS students to thrive at Mines. In addition to providing financial awards, PATHS empowers students through on-campus communities that provide a spectrum of activities, support services, career guidance, and university resources to encourage scholars through successful completion of an undergraduate CS degree. PATHS Scholars who successfully continue with the program will become mentors to new PATHS Scholars in later years. PATHS especially seeks worthy scholars from groups underrepresented in CS and STEM fields, generally, by ethnic/cultural heritage, gender, etc.

Applications are accepted through the general scholarship portal.  The deadline is March 1st.

Mines does not participate in the WICHE-WUE undergraduate tuition exchange.