Cost of Attendance - Undergraduate

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Cost of Attendance - Undergraduate

CAUTION: An increase or decrease in enrollment hours may affect the amount of your refund if you receive financial aid.  Check with your financial aid counselor to see what impact adding or dropping a course will have on your financial aid award.

Cost of Attendance is defined as the total amount it will cost a student to go to school. It is determined using rules established by law. Costs will vary from school to school, so be sure you have the accurate costs for each school you are considering.

At CSM, the combination of tuition, fees, books, supplies, room & board, personal and transportation expenses makes up the Cost of Attendance. The chart below details the Cost of Attendance figures for a CSM student for the current school year.The figures in the chart will be revised for the next school year after the Board of Trustees meeting in June, when the new rates for tuition and fees are approved.

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Undergraduate Cost of Attendance


Colorado Resident

Out-of-State Student







Room and Board**



Books and Supplies



Personal Expenses









Per Credit Hour***



Colorado Residents: The tuition figure listed takes the College Opportunity Fund into account.  Do not subtract the College Opportunity Fund allowance from this figure.

Resident tuition rates only apply to students who meet guidelines as established under Colorado Residency Statues (23-7-101 Legislative Declaration).

For a charge-per-credit breakdown, access the Tuition and Fee Schedule

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CSM does not participate in the WICHE-WUE undergraduate tuition exchange.

*The allowance for fees is based on the mandatory fees charged to all students, and does not include such fees as orientation, library fees, yearbook, refrigerator rental, voice messaging, etc.

**The Room and Board (living expenses) estimate is the average cost of a double room on campus and the cost of a weekly meal plan. This estimate may change if you live off campus or with your parents.

***If resident students enroll for fewer than 15 credits, tuition will be charged on a per-credit-hour basis at $523 per credit.  For non-residents, if students enroll for fewer than 15 credits, tuition will be charged at $1,134 per credit. Students registered for 19.5 and higher credit hours will be charged an additional per credit fee of $523 for resident students and $1,134 for non-resident students.

If a student enrolls for fewer than 4.0 credits, all fees will be optional except the $60 per semester technology fee. At less than six credit hours, you may not be eligible for all types of financial aid.

Books and supplies and miscellaneous personal expenses are also based on current surveys of students and represent average expenses.

Notify the Financial Aid Office in writing to request a review if you anticipate expenses different than the CSM allowances. Submit an estimated budget to support the review.

Field Session/Summer Semester, 2017 cost for Colorado Residents tuition is $523 per credit hour; cost for non-resident tuition is $1,134 per credit hour.

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