Letter from the Dean

For our prospective, new, and continuing graduate students,

We in the Office of Graduate Studies wish you the best.

Recently a number of policies and procedures have changed which impact graduate students. Below is a brief summary of items of interest of which you should be aware. If you have questions, please do not hesitate contacting the Graduate Office for clarification.

Graduation Deadlines and Commencement - There have been a number of changes to graduate school deadlines. Please review the Graduation Information and Deadlines website for the most accurate deadline and Commencement information (http://gradschool.mines.edu/GS-Graduation-Information-and-Deadlines).

Diplomas - The institution provides all graduates nickel-plate diplomas. Production and distribution of our nickel-plate diplomas for graduate students is handled by the Office of the Registrar. Graduates who would like to separately purchase an additional sterling silver diploma may do so. Information on ordering a separate silver diploma directly from our diploma vendor is available on the graduate school website (http://gradschool.mines.edu/GS-Diplomas). The cost of this additional diploma will depend on the market price of sterling silver at the time orders are placed. If you are thinking about pursuing this option, you should expect the price to be somewhere between $500 and $1,000.

Research Data Management - Due to funding requirements on many grants, Mines needs to take a more active role in making the data produced as part of your research publicly accessible. This means depositing your data along with your theses/dissertation. For more information, please email: preservedata@mines.edu or visit http://inside.mines.edu/RDS-home.

Research Ethics Requirement - All students supported at any time in their graduate career through the National Science Foundation (NSF), as research assistants, hourly employees or fellowship awardees, must complete training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR). This requirement is in addition to all other institutional and program requirements described below and in the appropriate program sections of this Bulletin.

To satisfy the RCR requirement students must complete one of the following options:
LAIS565 - Option available to all students
SYGN502 - Option available to all students
• Chemistry Program Option - Option available only to students in the Chemistry program
• Physics Program Option - Option available only to students in the Physics program
For additional information on program-specific options, contact the program.

By whatever means chosen, the NSF-RCR requirement must be completed prior to a candidate being admitted to candidacy. Students and advisors certify successful completion of the RCR requirement as part of the Admission to Candidacy process described in the sections below.

Official Credentials - For new students, the Office of Graduate Studies requires it have on record official copies of your transcripts from other institutions that include: 1) all final course grades and 2) indicate the degrees you have claimed awarded on your admissions package actually been awarded. If you have not provided these already to the Office, please arrange to do so as soon as possible. You will not be able to register for your second semester at Mines until the Office has received your official credentials.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - All graduate students must complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. If you have not done this in the past at Mines, Human Resources will offer training sessions. Please register for the training by emailing Karin Ranta-Curran at krcurran@mines.edu with your name, CWID (Campus Wide ID), and the session you would like to attend.

Sessions are planned for:

  • TBD

Laboratory Safety Training - All new graduate students, other than those who will study economics, math or computer science must attend an introductory environmental health and safety seminar. Please register for one of these sessions at https://webapps.mines.edu/ehs/labsafetyseminar. If you have questions, please contact Tim Sweitzer (tsweitze@mines.edu).

Faculty Oath Requirement - Colorado Revised Statute 22-61-104 requires all US residents and US naturalized citizens employed by the School who have teaching responsibilities to sign, and have notarized a Faculty Oath. This requirement extends to all US resident and US naturalized graduate students who are employed by the School as Research and Teaching assistants. A copy of the required Oath may be found at

http://inside.mines.edu/UserFiles/File/hr/HR Forms/Faculty Oath.pdfPDF versionText only version

This requirement, and the exact wording of the Oath are part of Colorado State law - Mines has no flexibility over the enforcement of this requirement or the wording of the Oath.

All students on RA/TA contracts must sign the Oath before starting their contracts. At the end of the student orientation session.

Graduate Student Government - Lastly, I want to encourage all of you to become involved in the Graduate Student Government (GSG). Founded in 1991, the GSG exists to serve the interests of Mines graduate students. The GSG addresses issues of concern to graduate students at Mines (Graduate Student Bill of RightsPDF versionText only version), and organizes various social and academic functions. All registered graduate students are automatically members of the GSG and are welcome to attend all events and meetings.

The Graduate Student Government administers a variety of grant programs for graduate students. Please refer to the GSG website (http://gradschool.mines.edu/GSA-Grants) for details of each program.

Good luck...